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ifocus System (Standard)

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ifocus System (Standard)

I don’t get phone calls anymore. I would have never in a million years thought that a video game, ifocus Jungle Rangers, would have been able to do that for us.

Marissa R.Mother

The wonderful thing about ifocus and the Jungle Rangers game is that they can go at their own pace. And something is there that will help any child at any level.

Taffie E.Mother of nine, Pediatric RN

I'm happy to have a tool that helps my daughter focus and helps her to do better in school...she has done much better at coming home...and doing her homework...

Kristin E.Mother

ifocus combines the latest techniques in pediatric neuropsychology, along with valuable insights on how behavioral strategies, nutrition, and exercise impact a child’s ability to pay attention.

At the core of ifocus is the Jungle Rangers computer game. Designed to help your child improve focus and attention, Jungle Rangers is fun and interactive—but there is a lot going on beneath the surface!

The game uses cognitive training to improve working memory, focusing attention, selective attention and sustained attention. When combined, brain scientists call it “executive function.” Unlike other games where the player selects easy, medium, or hard, Jungle Rangers “learns” the player. It will constantly adjust to your child as they play.

What’s Included—ifocus System (Standard)

Quick Start Cards

Starting the ifocus™ system is easy with these simple quick-start cards: 5 Ways in 5 Days to Help Your Child Improve Focus and Attention provides simple steps to help your child start off on the right foot.

Jungle Rangers Computer Game

Just hand it to your child and they’re off. It’s designed for easy installation and comes with instructions for children. Let your child experience the exciting adventure of becoming a Jungle Ranger! And in the process, practice important cognitive exercises that improve attention and focus.

Jungle Rangers Comic Book

The comic book stars the characters from the Jungle Rangers game! Your child will delight in reading the adventures of Elderon and Bearhead, friends through childhood destined to become bitter foes. All the characters from the Jungle Rangers game make an appearance in this prequel to the video game.

Focus on Jungle Rangers (Audio CD)

Enjoy an enlightening discussion about the Jungle Rangers game while getting an in-depth perspective on the scientific foundations of the game’s structure. Dr. Kimberly Kerns, Ph.D shares her perspective on how the game is so effective at improving children’s ability to focus. Plus, Jason Leon, an award winning game designer, gives us an inside-look into the game’s characters and storyline.

Focus On Behavior: Quick Start Cards, Audio CD and Companion Booklet

Learn to develop strategies to improve your child’s focus and attention with Dr. Roxana Vernescu, Ph.D. Learn to analyze behavior and implement successful strategies to improve it in five easy steps. From figuring out the purpose of a behavior to outlining a comprehensive approach to overcoming a behavior, these materials help you collaborate with your child to support the development of your child’s self-worth. This is an 84-page booklet no parent should be without.

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